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SKIN : deri – Babies have soft skins.
SKIRT : etek – you can wear your new tsirt fort he party.
SOCK : çorap – Put on your shoes and socks.
SPADE : kürek – The kids took their buckets and spades to the beach.
SPONGE : sünger – Give it a sponge with a damp cloth – that will remove the blood stains.
SQUARE : kare – It’s a square-shaped room.
STEM : sap,gövde – Champagne glasses usually have long stems.
STICK : asa,çubuk – The old man was carrying a load of sticks.
STOCKING : çorap – it is nylon stockings.
STOMACH : karın – The doctor asked him to lie down on his stomach.
STORE : magaza – Food stores are reported to be running dangerously low in the capital.
TAIL : kuyruk – The dog wagged its tail excitedly.
THREAD : iplik – A thin thread of light made its way through the curtains.
THROAT : gırtlak,bogaz – A fish bone got stuck in my throat.
THUMB : baş parmak – he used his thumb.
TOE : ayak baş parmağı – he cut his toe with knife.
TONGUE : dil – I burnt my tongue on some soup last night.
TRAY : tepsi – She was carrying a tray of drinks.
TROUSERS : pantolon – I need a new pair of trousers to go with this jacket.
WHEEL : tekerlek – I got my bag caught in the wheel of my bicycle.
WHIP : kamçı – She lashed the horses mercilessly with her long whip.
WHISTLE : düdük – On the days when she wore a skirt the men on the building site would whistle at her.
WING : kanat – I don’t like chicken wings – there’s not much meat on them.
WIRE : tel – Someone had cut the telephone wires.
WORM : kurt,solucan – The kiwi eats worms, other invertebrates, and berries.

MIDDLE : orta – This is my class photo – I’m the one in the middle.
MINE : maden – He was killed when his tank ran over a mine.
MONEY : para – “How much money have you got on you?” “£10 in notes and a few coins.”

MORNING : sabah – I’ll see you on Saturday morning.
MOTHER : anne – My mother was 21 when she got married.
MUSIC : müzik – What sort of music do you listen to?
NAME : isim – Please write your full name and address on the form.
NEED : ihtiyacı olmak – The doctor said I needed an operation.
NEWS : haber – That’s the best news I’ve heard for a long time!
NIGHT : gece – I slept really badly last night.
NOISE : ses – I heard a loud noise and ran to the window.
NUMBER : numara – Please write your credit card number on this form.
OIL : yağ – Do you paint in oils or watercolours?
PAGE : sayfa – For details on how to enter the competition, see page 134.
PAPER : kağıt – Dictionaries are usually printed on thin paper.
PART : bölüm – did you watch the part of the movie.
PERSON : kişi,şahıs – She’s an extremely kind person.
PLACE : yer – he decided to go to a pizza place.
PLAY : oynamak – don’t play footbal in the house.
PRICE : fiyat – House prices have been falling.
PRINT : baskı – This novel is available in large print for readers with poor eyesight.
PULL : çekmek – He pulled the chair away from the desk
PUSH : itmek – Can you help me move this table? You push and I’ll pull.
RAIN : yağmur – Come inside out of the rain.
REST : dinlenmek – he doctor told him that he should rest for a few days.
RICE : pirinç – Do you prefer brown rice or white rice?
RIVER : nehir – We sailed slowly down the river.
ROAD : yol – Be careful when you cross a main road.
ROOM : oda – She’s waiting for you in the conference room upstairs.
RULE : kural – You must not break the rules.
RUN : koşmak – I can run a mile in 5 minutes.
SALT : tuz – Can you pass the salt please?
SAND : kum – The children played all day in/on the sand.
SEA : deniz – have you ever swum in an ocean?
SEAT : koltuk – all the seats was taken in the theatre.
SIGN : imzalamak – He signed his name at the end of the letter.

SILVER : gümüş – I need some silver for the ticket machine in the car park.
SIZE : beden – what size dou you wear?
SKY : gök yüzü – the sky is cloudy today.
SLEEP : uyumak – you have to sleep early tonight.

SMELL : koklamak – here’s something in the fridge that smells mouldy.
SMILE : gülümsemek – why are you smiling your sister.
SMOKE : sigara içmek – you can’t smoke here
SNOW : kar – there is no snow out.
SON : erkek evlat - We have two sons and three daughters.
SPACE : yer – Is there any space for my clothes in that cupboard?
START : başlamak – When do you start your course/your new job?
STEP : adım – Be careful not to step in the mud.
STONE : taş – They cut enormous blocks of stone out of the hillside.
STOP : durmak – Once I start eating chocolate, I can’t stop.
STORY : hikaye – Will you read/tell me a story, daddy?
SUGAR : şeker – would you like your tea with sugar or without sugar ?
SUMMER : yaz – where will you go this summer ?
SWIM : yüzmek – I can not swim.
TEST : test – The class are doing/having a spelling test today
TIME : zaman – time to time
TOP : üst,zirve - he waited for me at the top of the stairs.
USE : kullanmak – This glass has been used – please fetch me a clean one.
VOICE : ses – ou could tell from her voice that she wasn’t pleased.
WALK : yürümek – A cat was walking along the top of the fence.
WAY : yol – Do you know the way to the train station?
WEEK : hafta – We go to the cinema about once a week.
WIND : rüzgar – There isn’t enough wind to fly a kite.
WINE : şarap – Would you like to see the wine list, sir?
WINTER : kış – Last winter we went skiing.
WOMAN : kadın – She’s a really nice woman.
WORK : iş – What time do you start/finish work?
YEAR : yıl – We went to Egypt on holiday last year

MILK : süt – Mother’s milk is the best nourishment for a baby.
MINUTE : ufacık,minicik - The train leaves at three minutes to eight, so we’d better get there a few minutes before then.
MONTH : ay – ‘ll be away for a month from mid-June to mid-July.

MOVE : kıpırdamak – I’m so cold I can’t move my fingers.
MOUNTAIN : dağ – The Matterhorn is one of the biggest mountains in Europe.
NOTE : not – He left a note to say he would be home late.
OFFER : teklif – She was offered a job in Paris.
PAIN : ağrı,sızı - I felt a sharp pain in my foot.
PEACE : barış – She’s very good at keeping peace within the family.
QUESTION : soru – The police asked me questions all day.
REASON : sebep,neden - The reason why grass is green was a mystery to the little boy.
REWARD : ödül – There’s a reward for whoever finishes first.
SECRETARY : sekreter – has Mary a secretary?
SIDE : yan,taraf – My room is at the side of the house.
SISTER : kızkardeş – I have twin sister.
SOAP : sabun – She bought me a box of prettily coloured soaps.
SOUP : çorba – can I have tomatoe soup
SYSTEM : sistem – he system keeps crashing and no one is able to figure out why.
TALK : konuşmak – We were just talking about Simon’s new girlfriend.
THING : şey – There are some nice things in the shops this summer.
TOUCH : dokunmak – That paint is wet – don’t touch (it).
TURN : döndürmek – Turn the steering wheel as quickly as you can.
VIEW : bakış,görüş - Do you have any views about/on what we should do now?
WASH : yıkamak – These sheets need washing.
WAR : savaş – If this country goes to war we will have to face the fact that many people will die.
NATION : millet – All the nations of the world will be represented at the conference.
OPINION : fikir – What’s your opinion about the matter?
ORDER : sipariş – “Can I take your order now?” said the waiter
PAINT : boyamak – This wall needs another coat of paint.
POISON : zehir – The pest control officer put bowls of rat poison in the attic.
POWER : güç – I’ve no power over him – he does what he wants to.
PROTEST : karşı çıkmak - Conservation groups have united in protest against the planned new road.
READING : okumak – Reading and tennis are my favourite pastimes.
RECORD : kaydetmek – We recorded their wedding on video.
RHYTHM : ritim – I’ve got no sense of rhythm, so I’m a terrible dancer.
SILK : ipek – I bought a silk dress
SONG : şarkı – A thrush’s song was the only sound to break the silence.
STEEL : çelik – you can’t bend steel
SUGGESTION : öneri – I don’t know what to wear tonight – do you have any suggestions?
SURPRISE : sürpriz yapmak - Don’t tell Anne we’ve arranged a party for her – I want it to be a surprise.
TEACHING : öğretmek – He’s always wanted to go into teaching.
TROUPLE : sıkıntı – The form was terribly complicated and I had a lot of trouble with it.
UNIT : ünite – The first year of the course is divided into four units.
WATER : su – Can I have a drop of water in my whiskey, please?
WEATHER : hava – The weather in the hills can change very quickly, so take suitable clothing.
WOOL : yün – he blankets are made from wool and the sheets from cotton.
WRITING : yazı – Do you recognise the writing on the envelope?

METAL : maden – Metal, paper and glass can be recycled.
MIND : akıl – I just said the first thing that came into my mind.
MIST : sis,duman - There’s always a mist on the bathroom mirror when I’ve had a shower.
MOTION : hareket – The violent motion of the ship upset his stomach.
OBSERVATION : gözetim – The police are keeping the suspect under observation.
OPERATION : operasyon – There are several reactors of the type in operation at the moment.
ORGANIZATION : organizasyon – The article was about the international aid organizations.